Meet Joi


Over the past 12 years I have helped to brand, socialize and market consumer goods and services across multiple industries and private sectors. Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to conceptualize and execute brand strategies through various digital campaigns, advertising and social media efforts, as well as, some grassroots initiatives, has been my bread and butter.

It has become second nature to me to support individuals and their businesses in developing their brand identity, building awareness, forging a strong social presence, and ultimately attracting their preferred audience.

I am a graduate of Savannah State University where I obtained both my MBA and BBA, with a concentration in Marketing. Ever since my sophomore year of college where I gained my love for the field and technique of Marketing and how it impacts everyday life, I have been on a journey of discovery of people, who they are, what they like and how to best serve their needs.  I am passionate about people and love what I do.

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